1922 - 2022: 100 years since the Asia Minor Disaster

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Asia Minor Catastrophe, the Center for the Study and Promotion of Asia Minor Culture (KE.MI.PO.) of Nea Ionia and its president Loukas Christodoulou published the book «1922-2022: 100 years since the Asia Minor Catastrophe - The tragic uprooting of the Christian populations of the East - The rescue routes to Greece».
This particular publication is the culmination of a collective effort to record 47 unforgettable homelands of Asia Minor and Thrace, through the testimonies of second and third generation refugee descendants.
At the book presentation, special commemorative medals were presented to the publication contributors.

My own contribution concerned, what else, the Nymph of Ionia, Smyrna!

Kosmos magazine of Smyrna of 5.12.1912, Greek-Turkish reprint

In the autumn of 2022, my Smyrna friend Uğur Parıldak proposed to me to republish the 1912 Christmas issue of the Smyrna magazine Kosmos in a bilingual edition, in the original Greek and in Turkish translation. It was an idea of himself and Ümit Nar, owner of the Hermes second-hand bookshop in Izmir.
Although the contents of this issue, with a few exceptions, seemed outdated, I was eventually convinced. I translated the texts into English, and then Uğur translated the result into Turkish, with the poems rendered into Turkish by other, more specialized contributors.
Thus, the festive issue of Cosmos of 15 December 1912 was happily reprinted exactly 110 years later, in 200 numbered copies.

Article by Özgür Duygu Durgun in Gazete Duvar

Article about the Oriental Carpet building in the Days of Art in Greece journal

Also in the autumn of the centenary year 1922, I was asked to participate with an article of my choice in the 15th issue of the Days of Art in Greece journal.
I decided to write about Oriental Carpet Manufacturers, the carpet giant, its magnificent four-storey building on the Smyrna quay, and the role played by the latter in the days before the 1922 fire, just before it was completely destroyed.

My article, in both Greek and English.
Oriental Carpet building

KarDes Multicultural Memory Tours Guide - Hrant Dink Foundation

KarDes is a mobile application in Turkish and English designed as a personal tour guide for those who wish to discover the multicultural heritage of Istanbul (Constantinople), Ankara (Angora) and Izmir (Smyrna), soon also of Bergama (Pergamum).
The section on Smyrna is largely based on my books «The Smyrna Quay» and «Smyrna - 1922 Travellers Guide 1922», the interactive map of Smyrna and diverse material from my website, but also on personal communications with the managers of the Hrant Dink Foundation's Cultural Heritage Program, and includes tours of Punta, the Quay, the Armenian quarter, the Frank quarter, Kemeraltı bazaar and the suburb of Karataş.
Download the KarDes app for Android and Apple mobile phones