Sites of old Smyrna on the map of modern İzmir


  Greek & Armenian institutions
  Catholic & Protestant institutions
  Muslim & Jewish institutions
  Ports, baths, water
  Streets, sites, antiquities
  Public buildings
  Consulates, post offices
  Recreation sites, hotels
  Companies, banks, inns
  Factories, trains, tram

  Churches, Christian cemeteries
  Synagogues, Jewish cemeteries
  Mosques / Muslim cemeteries
  Streets-Sites / Antiquities
  Public buildings / Fire dept.
  Schools / Hospitals
  Consulates / Post offices
  Hotels / Clubs
  Cafés-Bars / Restaurants
  Theatres / Cinemas
  Stadiums / Baths
  Companies-Banks / Inns
  Factories / Trains-Tram
  Ports-Shipping companies

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