Smyrna in the Context of the Armenian and Greek Genocides: Annihilation, Arson and Deportation (September 1922)

International conference at the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute, Yerevan, September 14-16, 2022

At the invitation of my friend Tehmine Martoyan, I submitted my proposal for a speech entitled «Armenians at the Quay of Smyrna». My proposal was accepted, and so I traveled in Yerevan. Because of the date of my speech, 14.9.1922, 100 years and one day since the start of the fire that consumed Smyrna in 1922, I concluded the speech by presenting some evidence from my research on the fire.
In addition to the excellent hospitality, the organizers of the conference also honored me with the «Henry Morgenthau» commemorative medal for my research related to Smyrna. The highlight of the trip to Armenia, however, was our visit to the village of Nubarashen, where Armenians from Greece had previously settled, and the renaming of a street there to «New Smyrna» street.

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Photos from the conference and Armenia