Smyrna as a Symbol: From the 19th Century to September 1922

International conference at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, 11-13 May 2023

My friend Professor Hervé Georgelin of the Department of Turkish and Modern Asian Studies at the University of Athens invited me to participate in this important conference organized by his department in cooperation with the School of Economics and Political Sciences. I was already planning to do a paper on the first months in Smyrna after the Young Turk Revolution, a period of enthusiasm, reconciliation between ethnic communities and unbridled freedom, which unfortunately did not last long. I therefore accepted and submitted a proposal for a speech entitled «Smyrna in 1908», which was accepted. The paper, which took me 3 months to write, ultimately came out somewhat longer than expected, around 180 A4 pages. So the speech I gave on 11 May 2023 was a summary of my full paper, which I hope will soon be published in a book.

Conference photos, 11.5.2023